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Criminals have to get used to everyday life outside in a new prison on Lolland

 Denmark will have its eighth prison for evacuees, and it will be located in Maribo

Region Sjælland will have its first prison, which will be located in Maribo's old prison. The exit prison must help the inmates make a better transition from prison to life outside.

Many inmates return to their local area after completing their sentence, which is why it is important to have a local exit service, says Ina Eliasen, director of the Correctional Service .

- When we put a diversion prison in Maribo, is it because we look at where we have convicts who are released? We put them where the convicts come from, because it is the last step before you are released.

Release can be a big upheaval
In an exclusion prison, the inmates are allowed to go to work or education from the morning. Some have to come straight back to prison when they are released, others are there on conditions where they have to wait until the evening.

So they have to slowly get used to a normal everyday life outside the walls, says Rikke Jørgensen, who is the head of the institution for the exclusion prisons in, among others, Hvidovre, Engelsborg and Brøndbyhus.

- Being released can be a big upheaval after having served a long period of time in a prison. The exclusion prison provides a better transition from serving a sentence to release. It improves your chances of getting out and living a crime-free life.

That's what it takes to end up in prison
You must have been awarded a sentence of more than six months

You must have served a third of your sentence in a prison

You must be approved for parole

source: The Norwegian Correctional Service

However, there are still quite a few restrictions on freedom, even if you live in a lock-up prison, says Rikke jørgensen

- You must not drink alcohol and you cannot just take a day off and go to Lalandia with the children, it is still a sentence, even if you are on the last step before release.

The prison in Maribo closed in 2018 and needs to be renovated because there are not as many security requirements for a detention center as for a detention center.

Lolland's mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen (S) is happy to make the building active again, and would also like to help the inmates back into society, if they are local.

We already have a really big social challenge, and we want to help people, but it should be our own, and not necessarily from the whole country, he says.

Birgit Rasmussen lives in Maribo, and she is not worried about the prospect of 20 inmates arriving from next summer who can walk freely around Maribo during the day.

- Of course they have committed something they shouldn't. But you have seen before that they get back on the horse if they just get the right help, she says.

And mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen agrees.

If they are locals, we welcome them with a warm welcome. We have lots of jobs we can offer. 20 people don't scare me, but we have to help them, from our own local community, he says.

A bridge is being built between prison and society

The parties to the agreement behind the multi-year agreement for the correctional service 2022-25 agreed that the rules for release from prison must be adjusted to ensure that a bridge to the surrounding community is built to a greater extent, where inmates can be kept under the close supervision of the correctional service in f .eg work, education and a life free of drugs and crime.

Therefore, Minister of Justice Peter Hummelgaard (S) is also very satisfied with the agreement that has been concluded with Lolland municipality.

- The exclusion prison in Maribo will be the first of a total of three new exclusion prisons, which will help relieve the hard-pressed Danish prison system with more prison places. At the same time, the exclusion prison must help the inmates set a new course for their lives and put crime on the shelf when they come out on the other side, to the benefit of both the inmates and the local community," says Minister of Justice Peter Hummelgaard (S).

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