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The 10 technologies that will boost Spain in 2023

An extensive report from the Rafael del Pino Foundation addresses the technologies necessary to improve the quality of life and employment of citizens. "It is an essential guide to continue progressing," explained Eugenio Mallol, one of its analysts, during the Transfer Forum

MALAGA. How to make Spanish knowledge and talent improve the quality of life and employment of citizens? This is the question that the Rafael del Pino Foundation has been asking since 2019 from its chair of science and society. Four years - and a pandemic and a European war - later, the 14 experts who agreed at the time to propose solutions to this issue have reflected in an extensive report the technologies that Spain must bet on.

"Technology advances but, in turn, this generates moments of confusion. We need to focus on priorities and for that this report is an essential guide", commented Eugenio Mallol, a collaborator at Atlas TecnolĂłgico and one of the authors of the analysis of the technologies that appear in the document, during the Transfer Forum.

The objective of the report is that it be updated each year because, as Mallol has expressed, "we live in a changing society and what six months ago was considered indisputable might not be so". Hence, the expert himself emphasizes that "there is room for improvement for the report as society is analyzed; the objective is to identify technologies that make Spain progress."

1. Capture and recovery of CO2

Towards a circular economy: carbon dioxide as a raw material.

2. Technologies for the detection of resistant bacteria

identify them to speed up diagnosis and treatment.

3. Smart mobility

Electrification and autonomous driving in smart vehicles for connected and sustainable cities.

4. Critical elements

Abundant materials, alternative technologies and recycling systems.

5. Mathematics for a sustainable world

More efficient systems for power generation, digitization, the study of ecosystems and climate change.

6. Metaverso

A new hybrid space where you can explore, create and interact with other users from a distance.

7. Smart fertilizers

Gradual release of active ingredients for a productive and sustainable agriculture.

8. Theragnostic materials

Identification through 'target' receptors and high precision and less invasive treatment.

9. The world of robots

Robots that lead health and care and transform the industry.

10. The tourism of things

Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual and augmented reality to offer tourists personalized and more enriching experiences.

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