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Tricks and solutions for the word of the day of the Wordle in Spanish

What is wordle the word guessing game?

Wordle in Spanish is today one of the most popular word games on the internet. This February 14, users once again have six attempts to guess the word of the day in Spanish, both in the normal Wordle, as well as in the scientific Wordle and Wordle tilde mode.

wordle in spanish

The normal Wordle in Spanish today hides a five-letter word and helps the user through a color system. Once the user chooses the word, Wordle will indicate how many letters are not part of the word (gray background), how many are but not in the correct position (yellow) and how many letters are in the correct place (green).

scientific wordle

The word of the day in the scientific Wordle works in the same way, with the difference that it proposes to the user a word related to science.

Wordle tildes

Wordle tildes word of the day challenges the player to guess a term made up of a variable length of letters but containing a word of the day with tildes

wordle time trial

Wordle against the clock proposes to the user to guess in five minutes the largest number of words possible.

Tricks and solutions for the word of the day

Tricks and clues for today's normal Wordle February 14

-Has two vowels

-None of them is the E or the I

-Starts with M

-One of the consonants is G

-It is synonymous with emaciated, thin

Tricks and clues for Wordle tildes today February 14

-The tilde is on the first syllable

-has three vowels

-begins with I and ends with U

-It has a P and a T

-Something that is done with energy, verve, eagerness

Tricks and Clues for Today's Scientific Wordle February 14

-Has two vowels

-Starts with A

-Ends in X

-There is an N and a T

-Wordle defines it today as: "inflammation of a group of hair follicles and nearby tissues, generally caused by the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium, with areas of necrosis inside".

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