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Today you get a new digital post solution , but do you need to change anything?

Today you - like all other Danes over the age of 15 - get a new public, digital postal solution.

This means that the mailbox where you receive digital mail from, for example, hospitals, the police and municipalities, will be updated.

This applies regardless of whether you use e-Boks, borger.dk or a new, digital mail platform called mit.dk, which is also being launched today, to read your digital mail.

- We are now getting a new and much smarter solution, which offers more options in relation to easily acting on the mail we all receive from the public sector, says Adam Lebech, deputy director of the Digital Agency .

- For example, you get the opportunity to put a calendar invitation in your calendar, and there is direct access to pay a bill, he continue

Why are we now getting a new postal solution?

According to the law, the IT solution behind Digital Post, which is the name of the public digital post solution, must be tendered regularly.

This has been chosen to ensure the best and cheapest solution in the area.

The first two tenders were won by the company e-Boks in 2009 and 2015 respectively. Now Netcompany has won the tender, and this means that there will be some changes in the Digital Post solution itself, and that, among other things, there will be a new platform with my name. UK Despite the name, mit.dk has nothing to do with the new MitID.

Netcompany's contract for the Digital Post solution runs until 2029. Costs for the new IT solution total DKK 202 million. Mit.dk is a privately owned solution and is therefore not included in the budget.

Source: The Danish Agency for Digitalisation and Adam Lebech, deputy director of the Danish Agency for Digitalisation

However, you decide for yourself whether you want to continue logging in via, for example, e-Boks or Borger.dk when you want to read the digital mail from the state or your municipality.

Because the new mailbox can be accessed via several different platforms: The public sector's own platforms (borger.dk, virk.dk and a new app) as well as the private platforms e-Boks and Netcompany's new mit.dk. The private platforms also have an app.

- You don't have to choose between them. One day you can use borger.dk, and the other day you can use e-Boks or mit.dk. The mail from the public authorities will be the same everywhere, says Adam Lebech.

How do the platforms differ?

Regardless of which platform you use to log in to your new public Digital Post, the functions from the new solution itself will be the same.

But there is also a difference in what you can do – depending on which portal you use.

If you choose to log in via borger.dk, you will only receive messages from the public. It can, for example, be a call for vaccinations.

Through e-Boks, you can receive mail both from the public sector and from, for example, banks and insurance companies, if you have given your consent to this.

On mit.dk there are a number of new functions. Among other things, Netcompany has entered into agreements with doctors, dentists, psychologists and several private companies and organizations that will use mit.dk.

- On Monday we start out with doctors and dentists. If you go to the doctor and need a medical certificate, you can ask the doctor to send it to your mit.dk. You can then send it on to, for example, your insurance company, says AndrĂ© Rogaczewski, director of Netcompany:

In addition, Netcompany will add a number of other functions over time. For example, they want to create a digital assistant that can remind you when to pay a bill or make an application.

Can you understand if you just want to keep doing what you have been doing up until now, for example logging in via e-Boks?

- Yes, I can easily understand that. But what we are working on is to make it simple, so that all the important things can be fixed easily with one digital assistant. It hopefully makes for a simpler digital life, says AndrĂ© Rogaczewski.

Can we count on security?

According to André Rogaczewski, the focus has been on optimizing safety in the new solution.

- We use a security infrastructure which is continuously upgraded in Denmark. The security that underlies NemID and the new mitID also underlies the security of our common public mail structure, he says.

Can we count on it all now working as it should?

- That should work. We are very aware that it is a robust solution that does not crash, that it can respond relatively quickly, and that security is of course in place, says AndrĂ© Rogaczewski.

The new digital solution was launched today at 09. The persons who have opted out of using Digital Post will still be free to use it.

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