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The flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 received integration with Adobe Lightroom

 The Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones went official on Wednesday with exciting camera upgrades, including a 200-megapixel main camera on the top-of-the-line Ultra.

Adobe has now confirmed that Lightroom, a professional image editing application, will be integrated into Samsung software worldwide.

If the user captures a photo using the Expert RAW application, it can be edited directly in Lightroom. You don't even need to change the app because Lightroom integrates directly into Expert RAW.

Adobe says the Galaxy S23 series is capable of recording uncompressed 16-bit RAW photos. While Lightroom on a smartphone doesn't offer all the features of the desktop version, Adobe promises a number of cool features, including the ability to remove distracting objects from photos by simply touching them with your finger.

Objects such as people can be recognized and masked by artificial intelligence, allowing background and object editing independently. As usual, Lightroom allows users the flexibility to adjust the brightness and color of their photos—because the saturation, brightness, and hue of each color can be adjusted individually, users have complete control over their images.

Lightroom presets are also supported. According to Adobe, it's possible to sync your entire photo library to the cloud so you can continue working on your PC or Mac exactly where you left off on your smartphone, but this may require an Adobe subscription with cloud storage.

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