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Start the Steam Next Fest 2023 so you can try the games you like

 Valve launched the Steam Next Fest to replace the in-person gaming events that have been suspended during the pandemic. And as we already advanced , it was a festival that seemed to be here to stay .

 And so it has been. Its objective is well known: to connect players with upcoming titles and help developers show their future releases to a greater number of followers.

Of course, for the most popular digital video game store in the market, the ultimate idea is to sell more games, once users have been able to try the games they like, have marked them in their “wish list” and finally pay for them. when they go on sale. Based on previous data, the strategy works.

How to participate in the Steam Next Fest 2023

The Next Fest Hub website is the place to find all the games available in this edition that is already active and will last until 7:00 p.m. on February 13 . The interface divides the large number of games by genre, while providing a wide range of tags to filter the results and further refine the search to suit each one 

From there you can test the games that interest you (and that are available) by hovering over them with your mouse. There you will see a button to install the playable demo, just like you would do with an already released game.

Another possibility of interest is to follow the live broadcasts . At the top of the page you will find the broadcast schedule. In most cases, it will be the developer teams that show up playing. You can also interact with them and ask them questions by clicking the chat icon below the broadcast to join the conversation.

Finally, the games you like, you can add them to your wish list . Hover over any game and click the star icon in the top right corner to add it. You will receive an email notification when the final version of the game is released.

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