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Sony DualSense Charging Station Review latest , model in 2023


If you have a PlayStation 5, this device will be the wingman you've been looking for. DualSense Charging Station is with you in this section so that your DualSenses will not be left without charge.

You probably remember what we said when Sony's DualSense controllers first arrived. We mentioned that Sony has truly reached the new generation between DualSense and controllers, and that it may take a long time to see a similar technology, considering that there is a mountain of game support behind it. After all, 2.5 years later, Sony's controller came from the only competitor company, DualSense Edge , and it still has no third-party, sold competitor. We will of course examine it when we receive it.

While Sony continues to develop the DualSense ecosystem, it has finally launched a product that we have been waiting for a long time. DualSense Charging Station, which can fully charge two DualSenses at the same time and in three hours, has been a product that does its job very well both as a stylish controller stand and as a charging adapter.

Structurally, the DualSense Charging Station is not much different from its siblings we saw in the previous generation, nor does it offer anything we haven't seen before in terms of working method. Sony said that this product can charge 2 DualSenses in 3 hours, and it should be noted that this time is almost minute by minute. Of course, you will have questions about whether it is faster than charging with a Type-C cable , the answer is no. The Charging Station's charging time is no shorter than with a Type-C cable. Of course, it would be great if these devices had a fast charging feature, but it looks like you can see this in the future now.

There is no need to describe the product too much. The DualSense snaps into place easily and sits quite firmly in its slot, slightly tilted. You can tell that charging has started when the light around the touchpad turns on. The light that is orange during charging turns off instead of green when charging is complete. This is cleverly thought out so as not to drain the battery in vain.

One of Sony's main selling points with this product is the lack of USB slots on PS5 devices. The Charging Station gives you that, but I'm not too sure if this will affect your purchasing decision. We are of the opinion that it will be preferred as a simultaneous charging without cable clutter and as a controller stand.


The product, which is currently on sale in white and black tones, which are the original colors of PS5, can be a reasonable alternative if you use more than one DualSense. Its price is at the level of 690 TL

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