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Science and Technology Commissions sign national pact for cybersecurity

Within the framework of  the International Day  of Safe Internet , the Science and Technology Commissions of the Chambers of the Congress of the Union, signed a  national pact for the cybersecurity  of girls, boys and adolescents" , where political, economic and civil society pledged to ensure the safety of minors. 


And it is that according to  the study "State of the policies and regulation on cybersecurity", presented in the Senate of the Republic, approximately 5 million cases that are reported in our country of child abuse, 4 percent are associated with the Internet use. 

In this regard, the president of the Science and Technology Commission of the Senate, Jorge Carlos RamĂ­rez MarĂ­n (PRI)  explained that the pact aims to configure actions that promote the responsible and safe use of information and communication technologies, to care for the minors who use these tools. 


His counterpart in the Chamber of Deputies, Javier JoaquĂ­n LĂłpez CasarĂ­n (PVEM) , indicated that the joint work between the chambers of Congress on the matter will result in the presentation of the General Cybersecurity Law, since there are still many remains in the matter.  


he president of the Commission on the Rights of Children and Adolescents, senator Josefina Vázquez Mota (PAN) pointed out that there are currently at least one million cyber pedophiles connected to networks looking for victims in children and adolescents , so it is necessary to build “digital civility”. 


In this regard,  Lidia GarcĂ­a, from the MX Internet Association,  added that 50 percent of the crimes committed via the Internet are linked to the use of children and adolescents for pornography and trafficking, for which she regretted that our country contributes the 60 percent of the global production of child pornography. 


And it is worth noting that the International Safe Internet Day, which is commemorated every February 7, aims to promote, inform and educate in a responsible, respectful, critical and creative use of the network. In addition, to remember the importance of protecting the rights of children on the Internet

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