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Rockstar Games releases an update to fix the GTA Online PC security flaw

Last week it was reported that GTA Online PC had a serious security breach. From Rockstar Games they have brought us an update to correct this error.

Rockstar Games has been constantly working these days to bring us a new update on the GTA Online PC security breach. This time it is not about new content or expected expansions, but the update is extremely important. News broke last week that GTA Online PC was exposed due to a security flaw in the game that could expose your personal data and risk losing your account.

That is why the company has been working to correct the security flaw in GTA Online PC, bringing us a patch with the corresponding security improvements Patch 1.66 will be in charge of correcting this error, and making our games in GTA Online PC safe again.

What is the 1.66 update patch that fixes the GTA Online PC security flaw?

The well-being and safety of users is the priority for any media or professional company, which knows how to provide a service that is up to what is requested and the monetary cost that it entails for the users themselves. That is why Rockstar Games has worked during these days to bring us the following security corrections on the GTA

 Online PC security flaw.

new data protocol has been implemented in GTA Online to improve the security of network sessions and messaging between players. Additionally, fixed an issue that could cause the GTA Online PC single player experience to be modified by third parties.

Among the security measures and corrections that enter the patch 1.66 we have the following:

  • Altered GTA$ balance , RP level, Poor Sportsman status, and other player stats
  • Manipulation of expelled or blocked players.
  • Game stability and performance.

The GTA Online PC security flaw was that through a breach in the game's protection, a third party can give access to our PCs, causing them to install malware on our devices just for the simple fact of playing the title. This serious security problem has been corrected with the arrival of patch 1.66. If you want to keep an eye on the news of the security error, we attach it to you below.

With that being said, it is recommended that all players update as soon as possible to be protected again and to continue enjoying the GTA Online experience. From the official Rockstar Games support forum , you will have access to the original 1.66 patch notes so that you are always informed about it.

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