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Robot vacuums that Amazon shoppers have labeled "bargains" are discounted by more than 70%

 Having a robot vacuum cleaner in your home is a luxury: you can kick back and relax while it cleans your floors. However, the price of those robot vacuums is not that exciting. Luckily, Amazon just slashed the prices on the best Lefant robot vacuum cleaners , and one model is only $89!

The Levant Mopa Aspirator Robot

Don't want to empty the vacuum every time you clean the floor? This model has an extra large garbage bag, so you will only have to empty it once a week. It can work for 100 minutes without recharging.

This vacuum cleaner-mop has more than enough power to remove all the dirt from your floor thanks to its 2200pa of suction. It's also very quiet in regular cleaning mode, so you won't even notice it's there. In addition, it allows you to control everything from the Lefant application, Google Assistant or Alexa.

Robot vacuums that Amazon shoppers have labeled

“This robot is on par with and, in my opinion, better than the name brand versions,” said one satisfied buyer who gave the product a five-star rating . “I've had an iRobot and a Roomba, although neither have impressed me. This is an all-in-one and I didn't think it would be that good for the price, but it's a bargain!”

Robot Aspirador Levant con 2200Pa

What do you think? A hundred minutes is not enough to clean your carpet, parquet and tiles? How about two hours of autonomy?

True, it's not technically a robot vacuum cleaner, but its 75% discount is so interesting that we couldn't pass it up. The M210-Pro can run for a whopping 120 minutes and is thin enough to slip under sofas. You can control all your work through a practical application.

Robot vacuums that Amazon shoppers have labeled

“It has changed my life!” said one satisfied shopper who gave the product five stars . "I love it! We have a golden retriever that sheds a lot. Even with the traditional vacuum, it was noticeable. Since we started using this robot, my house is much cleaner and the dog hair has practically disappeared. It's great for keeping a carpet and/or floors clean."

Levant Robot blanco M210

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