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Mercedes Benz will add a host of tech upgrades in 2023

Mercedes-Benz has announced a host of tech updates for its vehicles in 2023, along with news of a new Mercedes charging network and SAE Level 3 driving coming to equipped vehicles in the US.

This was unveiled at the Mercedes “Tech to Desire” event in Las Vegas for CES 2023.

The company has announced major plans in recent years to bring it to the forefront of electric vehicle and technology races.

In 2021, the company spun off EQ into its own sub-brand, to help it compete in the same way that AMG and Maybach have done in their own perspective spaces.

Mercedes has also released its Ambition 2039 plan, which will see the company become carbon neutral by then, something these announcements at CES are working on.

The big news is the rollout of Mercedes' own charging network, using help from MN8 Energy and ChargePoint to create a North American network of more than 400 charging centers by 2027.

This will see more than 2,500 high-power chargers added across the continent located in carefully selected hubs that will offer nearby food outlets and restrooms.

The good news is that these chargers won't be just from Mercedes, although Mercedes vehicles like the EQS sedan will benefit from significant benefits, they will be available for all electric vehicles.

In addition to expanding the charging network, Mercedes also announced the introduction of SAE Level 3 conditional autonomous driving in the US, specifically in California and Nevada.

In May 2022, Mercedes became the first car manufacturer in the world with an internationally valid certification for conditional automated driving to offer such a system to customers in Germany.

This means that, similar to GM's Super Cruise, Mercedes Drive Pilot offers the driver, on certain roads and in specific conditions, the opportunity for hands-free driving and time to relax.

The driver still needs to be vigilant, and the system will make sure of this through sensors and cameras.

The Nevada DMV recently approved the company's application and California is expected to follow soon, and with the approval, Mercedes will be the first OEM to offer a Tier 3 system in the US.

Lucky CES attendees also got a glimpse of the most efficient Mercedes ever produced: the VISION EQXX, the electric vehicle that was able to cover more than 745 miles on a single charge over multiple trips.

It's an engineering marvel and a testament to the impressive engineering soon to come to consumer Mercedes electric vehicles.

As for other technologies unveiled, the company announced that automatic lane change will finally be introduced to Mercedes vehicles in North America, enabling more advanced Level 2 driving.

The feature allows vehicles to automatically catch up with slower vehicles while using cruise control. Since this is a Tier 2 system, the driver will still need to maintain control, but in a more supervisory role.

Mercedes has also partnered with Apple Music and UMG to offer a unique listening experience available for cars equipped with the optional Burmester 4D and 3D sound systems.

Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos will be offered and specific artists will be enabled to mix albums and songs specifically for Mercedes vehicles, earning them the “Mercedes-Benz Approved” seal.

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