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Looking for a Ukrainian Minecraft communit comin soon

 Now you and I are watching another wave of development and popularization of Ukrainian-language content and Ukrainian communities united around various fandoms. That's why we decided to talk about such communities little by little, because even in our editorial office there are active members of large Ukrainian clans and guilds in Destiny 2, The Elder Scrolls Online and Warframe, who will gladly replenish their ranks.

Well, here we can't do without mentioning Minecraft, because it's one of the most popular games in Ukraine. And the situation in the domestic Minecraft space has also changed noticeably over the past six months.

Bfore the full-scale war, many Ukrainian fans of this game watched mostly Russian YouTube bloggers and played on Russian servers. Almost none of the Ukrainian minecrafters even knew that there are 2-3 servers in Ukraine that work in their native language and are managed by Ukrainians. And likewise, almost none of the Ukrainian viewers even knew that there are Ukrainian YouTube channels with content about Minecraft. Naturally, in this way, Ukrainians monetized Russian content and actually sponsored the Russian army. And this is not to mention the fact that it also caused an unhealthy shift in the balance of power in the media field, when Ukrainian YouTubers filmed their content in Russian, and "conditionally" Ukrainian servers worked (and often still work) in Russian, accepted donations in rubles and harassed chat messages in Ukrainian.

So now, when more and more people are looking for Ukrainian content with the desire to watch and support it, the OUM site - "Organization of Ukrainian Minecrafters" , which was created this year with the aim of supporting, uniting and building Ukrainian-language content about Minecraft and promoting Ukrainian authors, will come in handy .

Currently, there are more than 70 Ukrainian and specifically Ukrainian-language YouTube channels on the OUM website , where they teach how to build, tell stories from the world of Minecraft and conduct let's play streams, or "numogames". Yes, every Ukrainian content maker can add his channel to the OUM website. And each viewer can choose a video to their own taste using the "Sort" function.

In addition, OUM does not sell advertising channels or servers and filters projects that openly speculate on the trend of Ukrainianness in order to quickly attract an audience and easy monetization. There is only a sorting system based on open data, for example, the number of followers, likes, etc. The site team works to ensure that only authentic projects that really develop the Ukrainian Minecraft community get into the top.

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