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How to Damage Guardian Shields to Collect Dropped Microchips

 The third iteration of Fortnite's Oathbound missions went live with the most recent 23.30 update. One of the tasks this week requires loopers to damage Guardian Shields in order to collect dropped Micro Chips. If you lived under a rock, the Guardian Shield is a handheld shield that blocks ballistic fire and explosives and can be deployed to provide ranged cover. So, without further delay, here's a Fortnite guide to completing the Damage Guardian Shields to collect dropped Micro Chips Oathsworn Challenge.

Fortnite missions guide: damage guardian shields to collect dropped microchips

The first step in completing this Oathbound challenge is to find the Guardian Shield itself. Like other loot items, Guardian Shield is part of floor loot and can also be found inside Common Chests, Oathbound Chests, and Supply Drops. However, it's worth noting that these chests won't always drop a Guardian Shield, so you may have to open a bunch of chests to get your hands on the Guardian Shield.

Once you have a Guardian Shield in your inventory, deploy it by holding the right mouse button and pressing the left mouse button. As a result, you will notice a protective cover right in front of you. Now all you need to do is damage the deployed Guardian Shield with any weapon or use the harvesting tool.

Upon dealing any damage, the Guardian Shield will drop Microchips. Just pick it up, and the Oathbound challenge "Damage Guardian Shields to Pick Up Dropped Microchips" will be marked as completed. In fact, you will be rewarded with 20,000 XP upon successful completion of the challenge.

So there you have it. That's all you need to know to complete the "Damage Guardian Shields to Pick Up Dropped Microchips" Oathbound Challenge in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Be sure to check out our other Fortinet guides and follow the links below.

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