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How to choose the ideal computer according to your educational needs?

 The return to school is approaching and, after a well-deserved vacation, the reflection on the role of technological evolution in education is resumed. In fact, 53% of teachers believe that increasing student access to individual computers makes teaching easier and more effective, according to this EdWeek research .

Hence, many today are contemplating the need to update and acquire new and improved study tools , driven by the need to think about education from a new perspective.

Whatever the format – face-to-face, distance or hybrid – the need to be connected is transversal and a key factor for comprehensive learning. Education arouses curiosity and the desire to know and understand more about the world that surrounds us, which is enhanced through technology, achieving innovative stimuli that feed the students' motor and unlock their creativity.

Young people are looking for devices that allow them to have everything in one place and are complete and agile, accompanying the process in this hyperconnected world. This is why laptops with AMD components have taken center stage, because students should be able to focus exclusively on their tasks, instead of worrying about the limitations of their equipment.

Among the features that stand out the most are those that everyone pursues such as long battery life to make the most of time and performance and autonomy for those who choose their own routine between online and face-to-face classes, study meetings at friends' houses or in a coffee, for example.

Notebooks equipped with Ryzen 6000 series mobile processors meet the expectations of this generation, thanks to the incorporation of Zen 3 architecture, which allows optimal organization and flow in mobile computing systems with up to 8 cores and 16 threads.

laptops must also provide exceptional speed to accompany the most demanding tasks.

education and games

Thus, young people are able to achieve their goals and feel more productive and creative supported by equipment with thin and light designs , without neglecting safety and energy efficiency.

There are as many options as needs to be covered for students. If your focus is content creation and you are looking to take your presentations to the next level, you will need a device that supports rendering programs and editing tools, to live the best creative experiences wherever you want.

One of the fundamental pillars of education is collaboration , so laptops must also provide exceptional speed that accompanies the most demanding tasks, giving the possibility of executing several workflows at the same time, without delays: live streaming while browsing online, collaborate during a video call or work and research in parallel, promoting teamwork.

Another very important point in this return to school is not to neglect the time of relaxation and entertainment , so it does not hurt to equip yourself with a laptop "gaming"that makes it easier for you to fulfill your obligations, but also accompanies you in the most demanding games of your favorite video games.

Digital natives , accustomed to rapid changes and a world in motion, curious, multitasking, at the forefront of innovation and even setting trends, must be accompanied by teams that promote their occurrences and give them that feeling of always being there. prepared.

Technology makes laptops into exhilarating experiences and endless opportunities for recreation and education. This 2023, young people have the possibility to start classes with the best technology available, to unlock their full learning potential.

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