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Hogwarts Legacy Secret Outfits and How to Get Them unlock 2023

 We tell you exactly where these four secret clothes are to make your character in Hogwarts Legacy much more striking and attractive.

Although in the Hogwarts Legacy adventure we are allowed to customize our favorite character, the truth is that we can obtain a series of clothes or outfits made up of several pieces, which not only make us cooler, but could even give us some other advantage in games.

However, these secret clothes in Hogwarts Legacy , as the name suggests, are not accessible to the naked eye, and to reach them, we must have reached a certain point in history and solve a particular mission.

In total we are going to talk about four secret Hogwarts Legacy outfits , and although it is not very difficult to get them, the truth is that they are behind certain missions that you can probably miss.

Hogwarts Legacy Secret Outfits and How to Get Them

In total we have the following four secret outfits :

Authentic Historian Uniform

It is a white tunic with red touches that has a kind of star map.

You can get it through Arthur Plummly's side quest found in the astronomy tower.

When you talk to this character, he will tell you about a secret treasure in the castle and give you a map. You just have to follow the clues on the map until you find the treasure, and you will require the Accio spell to reach it.

We leave you a step-by-step guide in which we tell you where the castle stash is , the mission you must overcome to obtain this outfit.

Herodian clothing set

In this case we are talking about a head accessory, an outfit and a cape.

To unlock all these, you need to go to Hogwarts castle.

The requirement is to have the Depulso spell and previously speak with Sophorina Franklin

 who is located in the Herodian room or in the astronomy tower to activate the mission.

He will tell you about a secret passage in the castle where you will need to use the spell we mentioned, and it will show you exactly where to go on the map.

You have to solve a couple of puzzles, not very complicated, that deal with moving a series of cubes to reach a higher level.

Simply move the cubes to continue advancing with the character to get all three pieces of this set, and if you get stuck, don't forget to use the glowing balls to reset all the cubes.

Treasure seeker's outfit

To unlock it, you must first complete a total of three different side missions, and for each mission you complete, you will receive a piece of armor from this treasure hunter.

The “treasure from the cursed tomb” quest that grants you the treasure hunter outfit.

Relic uniform of the four houses

Depending on which house you belong to, you will receive one of them. Realize that you will only receive the relic robe that corresponds to your house and it is impossible to get the rest.

You have the robe in the chest of the house in the common room, but to open it you must collect a total of 16 Daedalus keys in Hogwarts castle.

To do this, start the secondary mission called "the key of Daedalus" and you will be asked to find 16 keys that are flying. As soon as you run into them they will start to fly and you must follow them quickly to find out in which closet they have hidden.

Here we leave you a guide on where the Daedalus keys are and how to get them easily . When you have the necessary tokens you can open the chest that hides this outfit.

As you can see, they are a set of four outfits that you will surely want to have for your Hogwarts Legacy games.

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