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Google Maps pushes a new version of iPhone dynamic island can also see navigation

 Apple launched the iPhone 14 Pro last year to add the dynamic island function for the first time, which has aroused a lot of praise. How to make good use of the dynamic island has become the goal of various app manufacturers. Recently, Google Maps has launched a new revision. Information such as navigation and maps can be found in the The island show is a highlight.

In the past, if you wanted to use Google Maps on your mobile phone, you had to unlock the phone first and then enter the App to operate. Now Google has added a new feature, you can browse the navigation status from the lock screen. Update the time of arrival at the destination, where to turn, etc. This function will be launched within a few months. Both Android and iOS systems are supported. iPhone 14 Pro can see real-time dynamics on the dynamic island.

In addition, Google also announced that "immersive real scene" is the first to be launched in five major cities including London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. This feature combines AI technology with billions of high-quality street views, satellite and aerial photos. Like, change the planar photo to a more realistic three-dimensional scene.

At the same time, "immersive real scene" has also been added. Users can check the conditions and weather conditions of the destination at different times of the day, and even explore nearby restaurants and view the interior, so that users can quickly find suitable restaurants. It will be introduced into major cities in the next few months.

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