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Gamer makes the purchase of his life Amazon sold him an NVIDIA RTX 3080 for 4,500 pesos

 A player bought an NVIDIA RTX 3080 at only a quarter of its price (which is around 20,000 pesos), being one of the best deals of the year This happened after a purchase on Amazon , as the user noticed the low price of the graphics card and did not hesitate to purchase it, nor did they hesitate to share their purchase with friends and acquaintances on social networks, particularly Reddit .

Despite the skepticism that was read in his reddit post , this person verified with images that the purchase had indeed been made through Amazon and that the offer was only available for a few minutes. Among the comments you can read people who fear the worst: "it must have been a scam" 

The comment at the top of the thread, with more than 500 people talking about it, points to the advantages of being sold by Amazon " in my experience, they are great at returning products, so I will still feel good even if it turns out to be a scam". However, others do not miss the opportunity to make the occasional joke, "Yes... come back later to tell us if you received your 3080 or a brick instead of it" .

There are even crazier theories , such as that of a person who points out that he cut the RTX provider and that he suspects that the person who uploaded the post is actually the seller "so that they see the" offer "and fall for his fraud" .

Be that as it may, the buyer did show screenshots of the full Amazon page on his cell phone, but still not showing the seller. In any case, it is always important to be careful with these types of offers , which can be fraudulent. In general, these sales can be the following three points, although they are not the only parameters to take into account.

  • GPUs are often used as lures to attract buyers, as they are often expensive items without such tempting offers.
  • Fraud sellers may contact you and try to steer you away from Amazon so that you make an outside purchase.
  • Dream offers from unknown sellers are the type of purchases that you should think about several times and make sure that the medium is legal.

Meanwhile, it seems that the user will have to do an unboxing to prove that his RTX 3080 has arrived, although he assures that if it is a scam, he will not lose his mind and try to claim a refund from Amazon. Yes, the offer is real, what luck, it makes me even envious of your NVIDIA .

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