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FIFA 23 , what it is and how to use the new powerful shot in 2023


FIFA 23 debuts new shooting mechanics. The power shot (shoe shot) allows you to achieve great results at the cost of taking the risk of losing the ball.

FIFA 23 debuts a catalog of movements that allow players to have more options in all transitions. The most prominent is the so-called zatapazo ( power shot in English) , a new type of powerful shot that is already part of the meta. We tell you how you can do it and what advantages it has over the rest.

How do you execute a shoe in FIFA 23?

PS4 and PS5

  • Classic: R1 + L1 + O + Left Stick to aim
  • Alternative: R1 + L1 + [] + Left Stick to aim

Xbox One y Xbox Series X|S

  • Classic: RB + LB + B + Left Stick to aim
  • Alternative: RB + LB + X + Left Stick to aim

Nintendo Switch

  • Classic: L + R + A + left stick to aim
  • Alternative: L + R + Y + Left Stick to aim

Advantages and disadvantages of the shoe in FIFA 23

The shoe comes to FIFA 23 as one more option to the rest of the shooting catalog, both in the past and in the current generation . When executed, the footballer will run through the animation while arming the shooting leg. During this strip the aim will be manual, that is, without any help: the ball will shoot violently towards the direction in which you take the left stick of your controller.

You will know that you have made one when the camera zooms in on your footballer . Usually these shots finish the goal, especially in one-on-one situations. Its main disadvantage is the time it takes to assemble the leg. Those two-second window means that a rival defender can block the direction of the shot, or steal the ball in front of him if he is even closer to the striker.

Our recommendation? 

Use the shoe as another resource , not as your main shooting mechanic. You will not always have an opportunity so that around you there is not a defender pressing. It works best in the middle of the counterattack, when you can take advantage of the spaces in your favor.

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