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Blue dollar today how much are they trading this Friday, February 17

 In a day that passes without movements in the parallel price of the North American currency, the blue dollar remains at its values ​​of yesterday, of $373.00 for purchase and $377.00 for sale.

Blue dollar today

In the case of people who exceed amounts of  US$ 300  per month in  foreign currency  with  a credit or debit card , the  dollar rate  to be applied, for all the money in that currency, must be the so-called  Qatar dollar . To know its value, 30 percent must be added  to the  official retail dollar  for the PAIS tax , 45 percent on account of  Earnings  , and 25 percent for  Personal Assets.

MEP dollar (or stock market):  whoever does not want to buy  dollars  outside the  formal financial system  has the alternative of the  "electronic payment market"  ( MEP ), which is a legal way of obtaining  foreign currency  through the  purchase and sale of  listed bonds. in pesos (like the AL30). Then, they are converted to the same  bond  that is quoted in  dollars  and, thus, they are sold in  foreign currency.

Blue dollar today

CCL Dollar (cashed with liquidation):  it is another financial tool, but this one allows you  to exchange pesos for dollars  abroad. For many companies and investors, it is the main way to acquire foreign currency and get it out of the country legally.  In this case, shares or debt securities are purchased in pesos  that are listed in the country and, in turn, in another  international market. Like the  MEP dollar , they are bought in pesos, but later those assets will be extended to the  account abroad  and sold in  exchange for dollars.

Blue dollar today

A report prepared by a company in charge of contracting and international payment services showed that Argentina is among the five countries in  the world that companies choose the most to hire people remotely . The news comes as a good sign for those who want to get a job abroad that they can do from our country and earn in dollars . In the ranking, Argentina came  in third place after the United States and the Philippines , and ahead of the United Kingdom and India.. This is clear from the third Report on the State of Global Contracting, prepared by the company Deel , which analyzed more than 260,000 contracts generated in more than 160 countries through its systems, along with data from more than 15,000 clients and thousands of sources. of third party information.

At the beginning of a new day in the market, the prices of the different variants of the dollar are:

Official dollar : $191.55 for purchase and $200.81 for sale

Blue dollar : $373.00 for purchase and $377.00 for sale

MEP Dollar (or Bag) : $357.28 for the purchase and $357.66 for the sale

Cash Dollar with Liquid (CCL) : $369.87 for the purchase and $370.68 for the sale

Crypto dollar : $359 to buy and $367 to sell

INDEC  reported that the  Total Basic Basket  ( CBT ) –which measures the poverty line- and the  Basic Food Basket (  CBA ) –the floor of indigence- reflected in  January an interannual variation of 108 and 109.8 percent , respectively. Both measures exceeded the general level of the CPI for the first month of the year, which was 6 percent. Both the CBT and the CBA rose 7.2 percent. In order not to be poor, a typical family needed $163,539, while, in order not to be indigent, that sum was $72,043, according to data released by the organization directed by  Marco Lavagna. For more information, enter Francisco's note Play in LA NACION.

The  Government  managed to capture $401,680 million from the  market  in last Thursday's tender: a figure that exceeds the closest debt maturities it faces by about $107,000 million, which are for $294,398 million. As the journalist Javier Blanco recounted  in this LA NACION article , said placement once again shows that the  national administration  maintains access to the market to finance its deficit, although it fails to clear up doubts about whether it will keep that door open in the coming months.

Blue dollar today

The value of the dollar paid by those who exceed the quota of US$300 abroad with a credit card , popularly called the Qatar dollar , broke the barrier of $400 for the clients of some banks . It happens that this price is obtained by adding to the value of the official dollar different tax charges : an advance of 25 percent of Personal Assets, an extra 45 percent on account of Earnings and a 30 percent COUNTRY tax . Depending on the price of the entity that issues the plastic, some customers are already paying more than 400 pesos per dollar, in an official movement that aims to make this type of operation more expensive to stop the loss of reserves of the Central Bank .

The monetary entity led by Miguel Pesce sold US$46 million of its reserves in its intervention in the Single Free Exchange Market ( MULC ) last Thursday. In this way, the BCRA has already spent US$857 million in its attempt to contain the price of the dollar , and so far this year it has accumulated losses of US$1,047 million in this type of operation.

The  Latin Focus Consensus Forecast report  for February, which includes the forecasts of more than 50 economic consultants,  anticipates that in  2023  the  dollar  will continue to rise . According to analysts, the  official wholesale dollar  will close the year at  $342.70 , which implies a climb of $150 in the next 12 months, since it is currently trading at $192.

While waiting for the start of a new day in the exchange market , these are the latest values ​​recorded by the variants of the North American currency at the close of Thursday, February 16 :

  • Official dollar : $191.55 for purchase and $200.81 for sale

  • Blue dollar : $373.00 for purchase and $377.00 for sale

  • MEP Dollar (or Bag) : $357.28 for purchase and $357.28 for sale

  • Cash Dollar with Liquid (CCL) : $369.87 for the purchase and $370.68 for the sale

  • Crypto dollar : $361 to buy and $370 to sell

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