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Blockchain technology is implanted at Grant Thornton

The mandatory transposition of the European Union Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of whistleblowers, which is about to be approved by the Spanish Courts by mid-February at the latest, obliges a large number of private companies and all those in the public sector to implement internal complaints systems in their organization. The regulation introduces significant changes in compliance procedures and will specifically affect private companies with more than 50 employees. In the case of the public sector, the obligation will extend to all public capital entities, in the broadest sense, and regardless of their size.


Given these new legal obligations, Grant Thornton, in a joint effort between the legal and technological consulting areas, has designed a pioneering tool for the management of the complaints channel supported by blockchain technology. In this way, it is an unchangeable control system, in terms of time and content registration that, unlike the old internal complaints systems, provides maximum legal security, reliability and objectivity to the channel.


The system developed by Grant Thornton complies with all the information security, data protection, possibility of anonymity and whistleblower protection requirements contained in the Directive and the future Spanish standard, while exemplifying how to apply technological advances to solutions. legal. The technological progress of the tool has earned it the  , which the global network of Grant Thornton International awards among the more than 140 countries that belong to it, " for the clear novelty and improvement that Blockchain introduces in itself. operation of a classic business whistleblowing channel ”.


“ Our system, pioneer thanks to blockchain technology, meets all the requirements for information security, data protection, possibility of anonymity and whistleblower protection. Once the worker sends the information to the database created by the company, an immutable digital trace is generated. A file is opened that no one will be able to arrive at later and change ”, explain Luis Pastor , managing partner of Innovation Consulting , and Joan Saula , Legal partner at Grant Thornton .


On the other hand, regardless of the legal obligation described, which includes a highly relevant sanctions regime , the regulation must be read in an economic situation that imposes greater pressure on the workers and managers of the companies and that has led to new risks that can be reported in the work environment. Our Blockchannel GT tool will allow you to anonymously and securely report any violation related to data protection, information security, situations of harassment, corruption, etc., in order for the company to have adequate information and elements to comply with the regulations and ethical standards that have been set.


The tool designed by Grant Thornton represents an opportunity for organizations to outsource their whistleblowing channel and, therefore, provide greater independence and objectivity to the investigation of irregularities within the company.


Additionally, it supposes an optimization of resources for those organizations that do not have the structure to implement an internal complaints channel and an ad hoc department for its management.

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